this is not the person who posted "/casually vomits because no, nope, nope, stop that’s a really unhealthy attitude to have".

i took this url to remind you how wonderful you are, okay?

Anonymous said: Aw sweet, you're wonderful xx

youre wonderful too, qt.

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Anonymous said: Your blog is absolutely wonderful. I love the purpose of this blog, and I don't even know you, but I can tell you're a wonderful person with an big heart. So thank you for existing.

thank you, bby. 

you’re wonderful, too. 

Anonymous said: are you lying about the fact that you're not the person who commented on the thing? just wondering....

of course i’m not lying. 

Anonymous said: Thank you for being awesome. You're beautiful, hope you have a nice day! :D

thank you, qt. 

i hope you have a wonderful day, too. 

Anonymous said: i love the concept of this blog its too cute ok ur too cute

aw, thank you. 

you should come off anon that way i could answer you privately, bby. 

mouthofmistruths said: They're not beautiful because very few people are. Unhealthy obsessions are unhealthy, and no one caaaaaares about their sad little feelings.

they don’t have to be considered beautiful on the outside to be considered beautiful on the inside. you’re not beautiful on the inside at all. 

they find comfort in fictional characters and television shows because there aren’t people out in the real world to help them. 

i care about their feelings. am i ‘no one’?

mouthofmistruths said: Nope, those people are actually not wonderful, nor are they beautiful people. It's cute that you want to use my old url to do, I dunno, good or something, but it's mostly kind of pathetic. But thanks for gaining me followers xoxoxo still pointing out how fucked up fandomers are.

they’re not wonderful and they’re not beautiful because they’re in love with something that makes them happy? something that cheers them up when they’re in the worst mood ever? 

sorry, i fail to see your logic behind that statement. 

i just want to show people that they’re wonderful, how is that pathetic? 

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo to you too, pal.


people who love people for who they are

also people who don’t judge people for loving something that makes them happy

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calming manatees

inspiring japanese fisherman

emergency compliments

fun funny faces from spongebob

a flatterer because you are a wonderful human being

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